There is no question that the ability of drone videos to capture soaring panoramas and unique perspectives of beautiful Aotearoa landscapes is perfectly suited to creating marketing material for our tourism operators.

Some stunning examples can be seen right here on the airshare site, inside our tourism video feed.

If you are a tourism operator, and you would like to commission some great video of your business and the surrounding areas, here's our recommended tips:

1) Of course, start by visiting our Marketplace and search for drone operators who work in your region.

2) When you use the Marketplace Search, we suggest you tick the boxes for Tourism, Events, Film and Television, Advertising and Environment and Landscape, to cover all the bases. You might also want to add Real Estate, depending on the type of business you are running and why you want the video.

3) Consider a combination of aerial (drone) footage and conventional footage to get an effective combination of imagery. Many commercial drone video operators will offer a combination of services, including editing, effects and more.

4) Think through the aspects of your location that will look particularly stunning from the air and discuss with your videographer.

5) Keep in mind the rules for flying drones in New Zealand - if you want footage that includes events with people attending for example, then you will need to choose a drone operator who is Part 102 certified.

You can see if they are certified on their airshare Marketplace listing. Drones can also only be flown up to 120 metres high and during daylight hours. Again, consult with your drone operator to make sure what you have in mind can be legally achieved.

6) If the drone will be flown over land owned by other people, or by local authorities, you will need to get permission from property owners. You can find out who to contact in your area (local councils etc) on this page on our site.

Note: If you have any questions about any of the information in this article, please email us on . If you have any concerns about drones flying over your own property without permission, then you need to contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) via