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Discover where to fly your drone in New Zealand

Download AirShare, the app that helps you discover how you can safely fly your drone in New Zealand skies.

With AirShare you can identify safe places to fly, log your flights in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, and request authorisation to fly in controlled airspace. Whether you’re a drone enthusiast, a tourist visiting New Zealand, or a commercial drone pilot, AirShare is the app to help you share the skies.

Discover where to fly

View detailed maps that highlight no fly zones, aerodromes, military operating areas, etc.

Plan your flights

Log your upcoming drone flights in controlled and uncontrolled airspace with just a few easy clicks

Ask for ATC consent

Request authorisation from Air Traffic Control to fly in controlled airspace

Record your flights

Keep a record of your current and past drone flights

Find all advisories in one place

Get quick and easy access to advisories and NOTAMs for improved visibility and safety

Keep an eye on your drone

Monitor Flight Telemetry*

Learn from your flights

Replay Flight Data*

When flying in New Zealand, please be aware that there are many restricted spaces where drones are not permitted, or require special permission, such as New Zealand’s National Parks.

* Real-time tracking requires an authorised transmitter device.

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