If you are planning on taking a vacation to New Zealand to take in (and film) some of our stunning scenery and adventure sports, please take a few minutes to read through this blog post for the things you need to know!

1. The rules for flying drones in New Zealand are set by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). You can read them here. If you are uncertain about applying the rules in any particular location, you can email the CAA on rpas@caa.govt.nz 

2. Different local authorities around New Zealand also have their own rules and policies regarding drones being flown over land, buildings and other assets owned by the Council.

For current information about what policies apply in each area, go to the Property Owner Consent page here on airshare.

3. We have an active community on Facebook, so please join our Facebook page and if you can't find answers anywhere else, feel free to ask on the page or send us a message.

4. Please  register here on airshare and log your flights. You can also request permission from Air Traffic Control for flights through the airshare site. 

5. Review maps of the areas you would like to fly over to see where the control zones and flight exclusion zones are. 

6. If you are likely to fly anywhere near uncontrolled aerodromes in more remote parts of New Zealand, we have more information for you to read on the process to follow.

7. Have fun and fly safe - we want you to enjoy your visit, but also stick within the rules and support our local drone pilot community by doing so!